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Cook2Thrive provides you a time saving plan that frees you to think less and enjoy more while you get real, yummy food on the table.

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Do you want to eat better and have more time to focus on things you love? You can have both.

Dinner time is around the corner. You feel the overwhelm starting to creep in…again. Your brain hurts from thinking about what to eat week after week. What’s your game plan for the next meal? Do you have a system designed for variety and fun in your kitchen?

You’re tired from the planning process to get food on the table. Don’t worry. I’ve been there many times. There’s a better way and I’m excited to show you.

Figuring out what the heck to eat is distracting and time-consuming.

Numerous trips to the store for one teaspoon of a certain spice to make its way into that neglected corner of your pantry is not helping. Let’s remove this from your shopping struggle.

Endlessly scrolling for recipes on social media is unproductive and time wasting. Meal kits try to fit the ‘perfect’ (that’s not perfect for you) portion into too much packaging. Eating is not one size fits all. We’re all different. Not everyone can fit in a box. Whether you’re solo or a bustling family household.

Despite the challenges and frustrations of the meal planning process, you want to eat with freedom. Enjoying and eating a variety of healthy foods to keep you strong and productive is a priority for you.

Even after a long day, imagine looking forward to opening your fridge to a world of possibilities that reward you rather than frustrate or deprive you.

C2T exists to help you be more at ease with getting real food on the table while improving a life-long skill and confidence in the kitchen.

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Made for joy.

Over the years, while cooking ( in France, Boston, and San Francisco), writing recipes, being a head chef, opening a restaurant, and becoming a new father, I've learned how to adapt my restaurant practices to effectively feed my family.

Discovering that it’s now easy to feed my own family has led me into wanting to show you how to do that with yours. So, | have created Cook2Thrive. It’s a program that supports you on your journey to actually enjoying getting simple, vibrant and, yummy food to the table in your home.

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