Busy Professionals… Reclaim your kitchen with tasty and smarter ways to cook for you and your loved ones.

Hi, I’m Franklin, a chef & father and I help folks reduce the stress of the meal planning process so you can fill your family with good stuff and have more time to focus on things you love.

The Cook2Thrive Method

Food isn’t just about eating.

The C2T Story

In 2020, I got a call from my dad. He needed my help. “My
patients need help figuring out what the heck to eat that’s tasteful and healthy,” he said. I realized that something so simple and automatic to me was a huge pain point for others. This was my chance to really make a difference. Thus, Cook2Thrive was born!

Take back the kitchen to show your wild side!

Gone are the days of crying on your kitchen floor… My main goal is to take the frustration (and tears) out of the meal planning process so that everyone can prepare and enjoy a tasty meal.

Let’s Break It Down

Make it happen with Cook2Thrive.

Step 1 :

Say goodbye to decision-fatigue! Delicious menus are delivered right to your inbox every week. It’s just that simple.

Step 2 :

Get cookin’! Menus designed for color, flavor, and your sanity in mind. Cooking doesn’t mean spending all day in your

Step 3 :

The reason we’re all here: eating! Sit back and enjoy the amazing meal you created. No more crappy food in your home cooking…no offense.

See what’s cookin’

Feeling hungry yet?

Cook2Thrive – for busy parents,
professionals, and business owners.

“Cook2Thrive makes my life easier and healthier. I don’t like to meal plan so it takes care of the meal planning and grocery list.”

- Dr. Cristin Lewis

Ready to join the cooking community?

Let’s do this!

Free Trial

7 days free

Because we’re friends, I’m giving you a free 7-day trial so you can check out the program, cook a few meals and get a feel if C2T is right for you.

Monthly Plan


/per month

  • Receive a curated menu in your inbox every Friday. 
  • 4+ dinners
  • Recipes with a customizable grocery list
  • Chef tips for being a boss in the kitchen
  • “Ask Chef Franklin” to sharpen your skills and boost your confidence in the kitchen
  • Chef Franklin recommendations & resources for good things that work and last